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  • empires & puzzles farm rare items

    Best Levels To Farm All Rare Items

    If you want to take your heroes to the next stage, you will need to ascend them – and in the case of 4-Star and especially 5-Star heroes this is not that easy because they require some rare ascension items (materials) that you will need to farm. Farming means you need to run levels you’ve […] More

  • elemental chests guide empires & puzzles

    Elemental Chests Guide (Rare Wanted Missions)

    Elemental Chests – Ice Chest, Holy Chest, Fire Chest, Nature Chest or Dark Chest – are here and there appearing and give the best rewards if you clear them. They are also referred to as Rare Wanted Missions in several sources, so if you hear about that this means the elemental chests. In this guide […] More

  • empires & puzzles building guide

    Building Guide For Empires & Puzzles

    If you want to build a strong hero roaster in Empires & Puzzles you will need a strong stronghold – otherwise you won’t make it far. I know many people struggle with using the right strategy building their stronghold so I wanted to write this guide that will point you out the best way how […] More

  • empires & puzzles talent grid

    Empires & Puzzles Talent Grid – How To Choose The Best Talents

    In the beginning of 2019, Empires & Puzzles introduced the talent grid where you can fine tune and further extend your heroes skills and talents and shape your heroes more towards how you use them within your team setup. The talent system has several pitfalls and mistakes can get expensive when you waste any talent […] More

  • empires and puzzles loot ticket guide

    Best Use Of Loot Tickets (Strategy)

    Loot Tickets can save you a lot of time and most players only use them as a lazy option in Empires & Puzzles – but what is actually the best way to use your Loot Tickets? In this guide here I want to show you several strategies how you can use them to get the […] More

  • empires and puzzles best team setup

    Best Team Building Guide – Empires & Puzzles

    You probably have done raids where you lost against an opponent with a team that has less team power and asked yourself afterward what went wrong, right? 😂 The thing is, most players in Empires & Puzzles build their team by simply putting their strongest 5 heroes together to make a high team power rating […] More

  • upgrading troops in empires and puzzles

    Empires & Puzzles Troop Advice

    We all talk about upgrading heroes and hero setups in Empires & Puzzles, right? So in this guide I want to put the troops into focus and give you some valuable insights that you should know when upgrading troops and also when it comes to choosing the right troops. Upgrading Troops In Empires & Puzzles […] More

  • best heroes in empires and puzzles

    Empires & Puzzles Best Heroes Tier List

    Upgrading a hero in Empires & Puzzles is hard work and take a ton of time and costs a load of resources. Wouldn’t it be really frustrating when you do that for a hero not worth it? Of course it would so I decided to rank up all heroes here in this guide so you […] More

  • empires and puzzles best farming levels

    Best Levels To Farm In Empires & Puzzles

    Food, Iron, Recruits, Monsters, XP… there’s a lot you need in Empires & Puzzles and you will need to farm for it frequently and steady for your long-term success. You have probably already farmed lower levels dozens of times when you need the resources but some levels are better than others because you will always […] More

  • beating titans in empires and puzzles guide

    Empires & Puzzles – Beating Titans Strategy

    Titans offer nice loot but attacking them require you to adapt to deal enough damage as attacks are limited for the time a Titan is available. Best Team To Beat Titans In Empires & Puzzles Let’s talk about the team to use first because there’s much you can do wrong. First of all, don’t focus […] More

  • empires puzzles defense team

    How To Build A Successful Defense Team in Empires & Puzzles

    Defending is something that is not that obvious in Empires & Puzzles but it’s a really important thing for you to maintain your trophies in raids and tournaments, get your clan an edge in Clan Wars and also defending the resources in your tower. In this guide here I have all my defensive tips for […] More

  • empires and puzzles leveling guide

    Empires & Puzzles Leveling Guide – The Fastest & Cheapest Ways

    Leveling up your heroes in Empires & Puzzles is expensive and time-consuming at one point and I often hear about strategies that I totally disagree on, so I did spend a lot of time going through the different tactics and wanted to share my results here that I believe make the best long-term strategy to […] More