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Empires & Puzzles Best Heroes Tier List

Upgrading a hero in Empires & Puzzles is hard work and take a ton of time and costs a load of resources. Wouldn’t it be really frustrating when you do that for a hero not worth it? Of course it would so I decided to rank up all heroes here in this guide so you see what heroes you should spend all your hard earned resources and precious time on in Empires and Puzzles.

To make this list here useful, I separated them in different categories such as tanks, healers, splash damage dealer, etc. – the reason for this is it wouldn’t make much sense to have a list where like 3 of the best 10 heroes would be tanks or healers… You need a balanced team and to have that, you will need these different roles in your team 🙂

Let’s go.

Please take note that this is based on stats and individual strengths and team setups and enemy setups are not part of this list.

Best Heroes Ranking In Empires & Puzzles

Let’s start with the best heroes list.

#1 Ares


Ares is extremely powerful because he has solid stats to tank and will buff the rest of your team with additional attack and critical chance.

Now this is already nice, but all allied heroes will also gain 200 hitpoints with every turn during the next 4 turns, so this is actually almost as much as a healer will grant plus the buff making Ares on top of my list of the best heroes.

#2 Alberich

My favorite support hero in Empires & Puzzles. With his special he has a chance to revive a fallen hero, all other heroes will generate 600+ hitpoints over the next turns and also boost their mana production.

This is an insane boost for your whole team and can easily turn the tides in a match, you could even revive two heroes with some luck!


#3 Hel

Hel has not only great defensive stats and deals good damage, but her special will also make her extremely useful because it deals good damage and blocks up to three enemy heroes to gain any mana for the next turns.

She can be a huge help, especially against setups that deal a lot of damage to give you some air to breathe.

#4 Marjana

Marjana deals the highest damage possible to a single target that not only hits like a truck but also will deal additional damage each turn if the target survives.

She will be extremely useful to take down one target fast and also doesn’t die that fast – that makes her my best damage dealing hero in Empires & Puzzles.

#5 Magni

When we talk about the best heroes we also should take a closer look at Magni – he deals a little less damage compared to Marjana but he will bugg all allies with some additional defense that is also really helpful when combining him with the right heroes.

#6 Athena

Athena is a beast to combine with heroes that deal damage to multiple targets, but also without these heroes Athenas special will boost damage that will rise with each hit. A nice combo of x10 can easily shred down multi enemies with that buff because it will rise for 4% each hit.

#7 Lianna

I have Lianna on this list simply because her 512% damage on one target is insane and you can have her on the side positions of your team lineup and snipe out single enemies one by one with her.


#8 Joon

Joon is on this list of best heroes because he is really viable for all kinds of situations, from defending to attacking and also against Titans and you can make a lot of use from the accuracy debuff he puts on enemies – this can be extremely useful when you use it in the right moment to just avoid a strong special hitting your heroes.

#9 Sartana

Sartana is similar to Sartana and deals massive damage to one target plus a burn that will deal additional damage over the next turns – the reason I have her lower than Marjana is that Sartana has a little less health, shield and attack than her, but you will love her in your team 😈

#10 Boldtusk

Boldtusk is like Kiril a tank that can heal and that make him really dangerous – he will get more damage, especially in a defense lineup, and fill mana fast that he can use to heal plus buffing other heroes in your team to deal more damage. Really nasty to deal with and a must-have in any defense team.


kiril#11 Kiril

Kiril is a strong tank and working great in your center position without any doubt – but what really makes him stand out is that he will also be able to heal all your heroes and buff them with additional defense and attack as well.

I can really recommend you to use him and to be honest he is my personal favorite hero in Empires & Puzzles with less than 5 Stars.


#12 Melendor

Actually one of the best healers you can get is Melendor with a massive heal and removing all buffs on the enemy team – he can basically reset and cancel any synergies the enemy is building up. I like to build his mana as fast as  possible at the start and no matter what happens I can neutralize it 🙂

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