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Empires & Puzzles Life Hacks That Really Work

There are several techniques in Empires & Puzzles that the more experienced players use but newer players don’t know about.

In this guide here I wanted to gather all the small life hacks that you can use in Empires & Puzzles so that you can get the full potential right from the start.

My Favorite Life Hacks in Empires & Puzzles

So, without much more chit-chat, let’s dive right into them, shall we? 🙂

Life Hack #1 – Lock Heroes/Troops

lock troopsOkay, this first one is not actually a life hack that will give you anything in addition but it can prevent you from one expensive mistake that I made in my beginning days…

When you level up your heroes or troops you will feed them lower heroes or unused ones to rise their experience, so far so good. But you can accidentally feed a troop or hero that you actually want to keep to level later. So, if you have one troop or hero use the small lock icon on top and it prevents that you can feed this unit.

Life Hack #2 – Get The Most Out Of Your Energy

Playing levels on the map costs energy but you need to farm lower levels to gain additional resources and gear items to upgrade further, especially when you can’t progress on the map any further.

So, the best logic would be to play the highest level you beat because it offers the most loot. Normally that’s right, but higher levels will also require more energy. There are multiple “sweet spot” levels on the map that give the highest loot-per-energy ratio. I have them all listed here in my guide.

Life Hack #3 – Smart Hero Upgrading & 20% Faster Upgrading

When you feed heroes to a hero upgrade them, always make sure that you feed them 10 of the same color at once.

I know it’s tempting to feed everything you got to get that hero upgraded faster, but in the long run waiting until you have 10 heroes of the same color and feed them all at once will give you 20% more XP so you will level them up 20% faster!

This is also more food efficient because the food costs will rise with every round of feeding heroes, like I described here in my leveling guide.

level up heroes chances

Also a well-working strategy to level up heroes of a different color is this:

Get your 4 Training Camps leveled up and have 3 of them at Level 11 so you can do the extra low cost hero training and use those heroes to feed to your 4-Star and 5-Star heroes to level them up.

So, important thing is to have all of them running all the time. The thing with the extra low cost training is that it is, like the name tells, cheap. So, if you start stockpiling recruits and items that you want to spend you can use the 4th Training Camp to use the extra fast training. It’s more expensive but will get you faster heroes to feed.

empires & puzzles life hack for hero leveling

Also, you can balance that out so it has extra low cost during the time when you sleep anyway and then during the day when you can frequently log in you can use the extra fast training for a bunch of extra fooder heroes 🙂

This life hack did improve my leveling progression so much so I can’t tell you enough to also do this!

Life Hack #4 – More Food/Iron From Titan/War etc.

Each time you will get loot from beating a Titan or from War, you will get food and iron from it.

The odd thing is, the amount of resources you get is calculated on the base of how much of it you can store – this means, the higher your Food Storage and Iron Storage is upgraded, the more you will get out of the same chests.

So, upgrading them should be one of your highest priorities.

Life Hack #5 – Use Revenge

When you’re looking for other players to attack you will start re-rolling a lot until you find one that you actually want to attack and think you can beat – every time you want to see another player you will need to spend food.

To make this a lot easier, first check your Watchtower who attacked you and who you could do a revenge attack on!

use revenge in empires & puzzles

You will see everything plus you don’t have to pay to check them. Only if there are no opponents that you want to revenge you should start searching for opponents and re-roll.

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