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Full Quest/Trial/Event Schedule – January 2020

Every month we see different trials, quests and events in Empires & Puzzles and they do not always follow a strict and fixed schedule.

I wanted to write this guide here to give you a (monthly updated) overview of what events, trials and quests you will see so you’re well prepared and ready to not waste any potential rewards.

January 2020 Calendar for Empires & Puzzles

Santa’s Challenge – until January 4th

If you played Empires & Puzzles in December you might recall the Santa’s Challenge event that will continue until January, 4th.

You can see the full info about all quests, bosses and rewards if you scroll down to the end of this page and check out the calendar for December 2019 (don’t want to re-post everything here, especially as most of you probably finished by now).

Events in January 2020

Please note that costume events will be on hiatus until any further notes from the developers…

guardians of teltoc

JAN 8th – 12th: Guardians of Teltoc. Monsters reflect holy and has many holy/nature monsters and holy/fire bosses.

This also makes it hard to use dark element heroes because they will burn down fast with double damage, especially from the bosses so it’s more like a suicide fill. Try to just use fire element heroes and add nature to fill your team – if that isn’t enough to fill your team you can add strong dark element heroes as well if you need to.

Rewards are:

  • Rare: 5x Fighter Emblems & 5x Wizard Emblems
  • Epic: 10x Barbarian Emblems & 10x Druid Emblems
  • Legendary: 20x Cleric Emblems & 20x Sorcerer Emblems

If you want to learn more about events and how to perform well there you might want to check out my guide on them here.

empires puzzles atlantis rises

JAN 23rd – 26st: Atlantis Rises. Reduced energy cost and better loot for all Season 2 realms during this period

Trials in January 2020

As always trials will be on Monday and Wednesday – here’s which one you can expect:

JAN 1st – Trials of Strength (Rewards Barbarians & Fighter Emblem)

JAN 5th – Trial of Fortitude (Rewards Cleric & Druid Emblem)

JAN 8th – Trial of Mysticism (Rewards Wizard & Sorcerer Emblem)

JAN 12th – Trial of Serenity (Rewards Paladin & Ranger Emblem)

JAN 15th – Trial of Survival (Rewards Barbarian & Rogue Emblem)

JAN 19th – Trial of Piety (Rewards Mark & Cleric Emblem)

JAN 22nd – Trial of Decimation (Rewards Fighter & Wizard Emblem)

JAN 26th – Trial of Nature (Rewards Druid & Ranger Emblem)

JAN 29th – Trial of Shadow (Rewards Rogue & Sorcerer Emblem)

I also have a full guide on getting emblems here that will give you some additional help.

Quests in January 2020

Rare quests are always a little random in appearence but this month we will see these ones:

I also did a full guide on how to beat rare quests best here.

JAN 6th – Frostmarch

JAN 16th – Farholm Pass (1)

JAN 26th – Shiloh Desert

You can check out the calendars for the previous months here:

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